Photo Friday

 Techniques & Tips to improve your images!

Wide Dynamic Range, part 10

Workflow for sunny and vintage looks in your photos, part 9
Workflow for punch in your photos, part 8

Contrast and visual weight, part 7.
Minimising Noise in your images, Part 6.
Avoiding blurred photos when handholding your camera, Part 5.

5 ways to use depth of field in your craft photos, Part 4.

Tips for using natural light and dealing with over exposure in your photos, Part 3.

Understanding the histogram on your camera and photo processing software, Part 2.


Correct white Balance for better colour in your photos, Part 1.

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  1. What a good idea to gather all this in one place. One of my resolutions for next year is to get more from my camera, so I'll be coming back and working my way through it. Thank you!


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