Thursday 3 April 2014


I'm a little bit stuck.  I'm having a confidence crisis with this quilt.  I love how it is looking so clean and crisp but I'm afraid to quilt it!  Normally I would just straight line or do a wiggly stipple if I have no clue what I want the quilting to look like.  Thing is I'm afraid I'm going to mess this one up!  I'd like to keep it looking boxy but not be boring!  I could be over thinking this one, just a tad!

To try and break myself out of this and as I am only learning free motion quilting, I made some practice sandwiches last Sunday morning and have been playing with designs and trying to figure what to do.  For some reason I found it easier to get into a rhythm of loopy l's when doing big l, little l rather than big l the whole way across.  I really like the scroll too though it is a bit harder.

Loops and stars I'm getting better at bit could do with more practice on flowers and clovers.  Still after filling up 3 practice sandwiches I'm still clueless.  Paula in our Thursday night sewing class suggested interlocking circles in red, which would be really cool but I'm not that brave, not yet!

So I went back to the drawing board and started playing with layers on Photoshop elements and came up with this.

A bit of l's and some straight lines.  Outer navy edges maybe straight lines or a stipple in matching thread.  What do you think?  Does this work?

On a plus side while all this indecision was going on I started cutting my triangles for the Triangle Quilt-A-Long at Sassy Quilter.  I've heard this being called Crafternation (crafters procrastination!)

As I'm going for a rainbow effect I'm cutting a few, selecting the next colour, cutting some more and building it up.  It's starting to come together nicely.  Can't believe how big these triangles are!

Loving this project and no hesitation or indecision with this one yet!

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  1. What about doing matchstick quilting on it? I've seen it on a few quilts lately and it looked amazing, even though it probably took takes ages and miles of thread to do!! Here's a few examples: and

  2. Looks like the loopy quilting would be great for that quilt you are working on. Your triangles are sure pretty. Love the layout you have set up!

  3. When I can't think of quilting design, I google free motion templates and think more because I don't have the long arm to use them. Great sauce of inspiration.

  4. I like your photoshop design, would look perfect on this quilt!

  5. I think it works but you will need something in the borders too, maybe some more FMQ? How about some spirals or another rounded kind of shape?

  6. Very creative idea for your triangle quilt...I love what you are doing with color. Quilting is always a tough decision!! I like the idea of the circles :)

  7. I am 100% NOT a master here, but I love where you're going. Someone once told me to not think of it as a full quilt and instead focus on the bit in front of you the size of an A4 piece of paper. That you can quilt no problem, right. I can't wait to see where this goes, missy.


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