Wednesday 13 March 2013


Meet Wilbur aka George, a 7 year old Basset Hound we adopted from Ash Animal Rescue last Sunday.  He has quickly cottoned onto the Charly & Ben's crafty corner concept.  When I'm working at the Kitchen table cutting fabric or sewing up a storm they take up position, Charly the JRT to guard my stash box and now Wilbur to settle in for a snooze guarding nothing but keeping an eye out in case anyone heads in the direction of the kitchen!  

Wilbur was born to a breeder in Co. Cork who sold him to a lady in Mayo with a young family who named him George.  George was "wired" back then and still at the age of 7 is full of energy.  Sadly with a little one on the way George became too much to handle and found a home with Seamus who drives a truck.  After that we don't know what happened to him but he ended up in Mullingar  dog pound in February and on his last day there he got a stay of execution when someone rescued him for Ash.  At the rescue center he was named Wilbur.  He's a lively Basset and a handful so after a few views and walks and a few people realising he was not the dog for them we made the journey to Co. Wicklow and took to him straight away.   Probably helped we had a Basset before (Ben this blog is named for).  Wilbur is microchipped so that's how we found out about his early history.  He's settling in nicely - not chewing on batting or ripping into FQB's but as soon as you move towards the kitchen this dog is unreal.  He gets a boost of energy and goes into overdrive.  Did you know Bassets can jump and when up on their hind legs can reach the kitchen counter?

Still it's nice to have company in the crafty corner.  Makes me feel good knowing Charly (and Wilbur?) are on guard!

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