Saturday 3 August 2013

Finish it Friday!

It all started with this design I made up on threadbias.

Then it became 4 houses.

I originally thought I'd use the my leftover Coquette layer cake squares from Bounce but I think they are the perfect colours for a baby quilt so I bought some Tula Pink Prince charming squares

I got my neutral Bella solid material for the background in the post yesterday and so thought I would try and finish my 4 Houses project today.

 I even free motion quilted it (first time doing this!)  And then after quilting I realised I had made a piecing mistake -can you spot it?

Oh and Gordon finished Wilbur's kennel too!  Isn't it cool?

But Wilbur doesn't sleep in the kennel - he owns all the sofas, chairs, dog beds and now it seems all the cushions too!  Even the wonky ones.

I finished this at 11.45 so a Friday finish! Love how dogs don't get red eye but creepy blue eye. I hope to take better daylight pictures tomorrow but for now I'm pleased to be finished.  Linking up to 

and Finish it up Friday


  1. Nice work! Such cute houses, and such fun free-motion quilting! Great finish! Impressive dog kennel, too!

  2. Tehe I've had a piecing mishap like that before :) I haven't been brave enough to try FMQ yet though!


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