Wednesday 31 July 2013

WIP Wednesday - Still Swooning

Thing's are a real work in progress this week.

Wilburs new Kennel!

Wilbur is overseeing the work but is not  a hard taskmaster.  Don't worry Wilbur you still have the sofa - its got your name on it !

Tula Pink Blocks for City Sampler sew-a-long over at Sew Sweetness - 6 Blocks cut ready for sewing.

HST done for Star Surround Quilt-A-Long over at Happy Quilting.  I feel a bit of a cheat on this one as I'm doing the 40" baby quilt so only one big block required!  I'm loving these colours can't wait to make the flying geese and see it coming together. 

Still Swooning-a-long on block number 3.  These are my favourite colours so far!

I even found a place to keep them together until all 9 are done.  I just love how pretty this block looks in all the various colours.  

My friend Mary wants one with as a giant cushion.  I'll add it to my to do list!  I'm not one for making the same thing over and over but I really like making this block.

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  1. That block is gorgeous! I love the fabrics you selected.

  2. I love your mix of geometrics and florals. I think it will look awesome when it is done!

  3. Lots of fun projects going on at your house!! You have me very excited to start my Swoon; I love how yours is coming along!!

  4. I love the swoon blocks! I just need to find more time in my day to finish mine all up. Yours look great!

  5. The more I see of Swoon blocks, the more I get the feeling that they also call out my name... I love the shine of the colours against the dark background.

  6. Beautiful Swoon blocks! I am on your team - with a 40 inch 1 block baby quilt for Star Surround!

  7. Great job on your HST's. And no need to feel like a cheat, that is why the options is there, for those that want to quilt a long but are a little swamped ;) And I love your swoon blocks!


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