Wednesday 12 November 2014

WIP Wednesday - Christmas Stocking Challenge

Taking a break from straight line quilting 3 camper van cushions, I decided to get cracking on one of the Christmas challenge/swaps I signed up for this year. 
Our branch of the Irish Patchwork Society set us a Christmas challenge to make either a Christmas stocking or a wine bottle cover.  I chose the stocking and thinking I wanted to do something hand embroidered, I had a rummage through some old magazines and found this Rudolph from Crafts Beautiful November 2013. 

Every Christmas stocking I've ever owned has faced left for some reason so I reversed him onto my fabric and had great fun embroidering him.  He's outlined with a running stitch, satin stitch on his nose and heart, stem stitch and french knots on his scarf and chain stitch on his antlers and tail.

He's about 4" x 6" high so I framed him with some blue Folk Art Holiday fabric I bought from Fluffy Sheep Quilting!

I was nearly going to have just him on his own on the stocking but I really enjoyed stitching him out and in the end, I thought he could use some friends.  So I'm adding some singing snowmen.  I found these guys in this month's Simply Homemade magazine.  I think some stars and musical notes too as in my head these guys are singing the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer song.  Somehow it's gotten stuck in my head and driving me slightly mad at this stage! 
Not sure what to do with the back just yet!  I'm really enjoying this little project.  I'd forgotten how much fun hand embroidery can be!

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  1. Oh, I like where this is going! Rudolph looks so cute and so will those singing snowmen. This will be such a pretty stocking. That hand embroidery is so worth the time and effort!

  2. Rudolph looks great, I look forward to seeing how you finish it. I've never done much embroidery, but it looks like a fun pattern to try this time of year!

  3. Oh my! He is sure cute! Looking forward to seeing this project progress.

  4. I love mixed media. It lends personality and charm.

  5. What a cute project, perfect for Christmas.

  6. He's adorable! This reminded me of a magazine that I bought last year with snowmen to embroider and I should dig it out! :)

  7. Love it! The singing snowmen are the perfect addition too.


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