Thursday 14 July 2016

Wandering Camera!

Things have been busy!  I'll have more posts soon on the numerous exhibitions that have been on in Limerick but the big news is there is a new puppy in the house!  This is Maggie, another Basset Hound!

1.Sleepyhead 2. Where did that small thing come from? 3. Eating Charly's collar  4.  Big smiles - first day home!
5. This is what I have to look forward to... 6. Pounce! 7.  White sharp nails - not enough calcium in early weeks!  8. Mine!
9. Are step ladders edible?  10.  Cuteness overload 11. Still mine!

I'm supposed to be decorating the front room and the hall this week but my back has given out on me so its spending lots of time in the garden with the pups!

Colours from the Garden!

Quilting wise not much new to report on the making front but I did buy some new fabric to add to the rainbow stash!  Think I need another Ikea trolley!

Rainbow of colours from Ruth's stash! (Did buy some grey toned fabrics to try out..)

Wilbur's not too sure about the little intruder so we're giving him lots of treats and making a big fuss of him.  Charly on the other hand is over the moon to have a little thing to boss about!

Wilbur looking for a spot to bury a bone in the garden.  Charly - who needs a bone when you have ball?
Hair growing back after MRI - way nicer to pet him on the head now!

Be back with photos of Evolution, Distance, River of Dreams and a trip I took to MountMellick to see Ethelda Ellis's exhibit.  Yup, not a lot of making but still a lot of quilty things going on here!  Linking up to

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  1. stop! You're making me want a baby basset! We have our hands and hearts full with Cole but your little addition is adorable!!!

  2. Does it ever get cuter than that! Maggie is adorable and that "cuteness overload" picture looks perfect for a quilted portrait)) Hope I'll be able to get to Limerick for the show this weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos . We can all use a good laugh. Maggie is adorable...but no more adorable than her siblings

  4. What a cutie! Looks like you have your hands full with three pups now. Enjoy!

  5. Ack! Maggie, you're too cute! Enjoy the puppy days while they last. My one-year-old golden retriever is 55 pounds. I miss the days of a fluffy, mischievous puppy. : )

  6. Is Charly happy to have a same-sized playmate (at least until the growth spurt)?
    I don't think they make those Ikea trollies any longer. I looked last time and did not see them. :(
    Your back is out? Ouch!

  7. Hello Ruth and welcome Maggie! Beautiful and fun photos! Dogs are the best! x Teje

  8. Lovely photos Ruth, I hope your back is better soon

  9. Wonderful photos Ruth! Congratulations on adopting Maggie - she is too cute for words! I love that Charly is so thrilled with her new playmate. :)

  10. pleased to meet Maggie. She's gorgeous. I hope your back is recovering, take it easy. Your photos of your garden are lovely, with the good spell of weather the gardens are taking off

  11. Fabulous collection of photos, Ruth!! The quilt collage echoes the colours of the garden collage! Such vibrant colours. Maggie is simply adorable!! Love the photos! So cute to see Charly and her playing together! You are really great for making Wilbur feel special. That works really well with accepting new family members! Thanks so much for linking up these lovely photos on Wandering Camera!!


  12. Lovely to catch up on all your goings on - Maggie is adorable! See your Rainbow Rose has reminded me that I was meant to get mine quilted ..... whoops lack of studio time these last two weeks needs to be remedied - fast!


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