Wednesday 27 July 2016

WIP Wednesday: Can’t seem to make my mind up!

I don’t know what it is about the middle of the summer. This time every year, the desire to sew goes on the back burner and instead my eye turns to the house painting and decorating. Maybe its the long days in the summer when its bright at 4am and still bright at 10.30pm that means I’m looking at more of the house or the same bit for longer! Last year was the same, I got stuck in with painting stained wood Jasmine white in an effort to brighten up the kitchen. This year the living room and hall are getting an update and I only realised after getting half the hall done that the colours I’ve chosen are remarkably similar to my fabric pull for Yvonnes’s Snowflake Shimmer QAL! I’m decorating the house to suit my quilt!

In the end I picked a grey with blue and white (Kona’s Shadow, Lake and bright White) but my inspiration image is really close to the Natural Harvest, Pale Peacock and Warm White I've been putting on the walls!  Isn't it funny how the brain works?

It’s been slow going as I am managing a disk in my back but I’m getting there. Trying to remove flaking paint meant taking off a whole strip of paint right back to the grey base plaster so I ended up stripping down one whole wall! Won’t be doing that again!!!

At first I thought the Natural Harvest colour was a little bit boring and not too different from the pale gold colour in our living room but with the addition of the blue it feels fresh and a nice bit brighter! It’s a work in progress (houses always are I think!) but this week coming is a long weekend with Monday off so fingers crossed it gets all done and dusted. 

I’m also distracted by the new puppy at every opportunity! It amaze me how uncomfortable they can look while sleeping - she snores and it's really cute!  We have her bed in the crate so she can get used to it as a safe place.  It is too big for her for toilet training but we are trying to get her used to it as this is what we have in the car for the dogs when we are traveling.  So hopefully she'll be happy to go in and out of it - so far so good.  I keep throwing her toys in and have fed her in there too so I think she's happy out!

I did manage to get my 80” x 80” Rainbow Rose pieced and laid out on the floor for a photo. My back isn’t quite up to basting it yet so my link up to the Rainbow Rose QAL is a finished flimsy!

In writing the posts for the Modern Quilters Ireland group I had a clear idea of what I wanted to include about the colour wheel and the instructions to make it but have not had a clue how to quilt it. It has been brilliant to see how those making the baby version have quilted theirs so I can get some ideas! I am half tempted to hand quilt it and did buy a bundle of rainbow colours of perle cotton on Massdrop. I haven’t hand quilted a quilt yet only added a few embellishments and this could be a fun one to try over the summer!

The other thing I haven’t decided on yet is to add the applique or not – I just can’t seem to make my mind up on it! I keep going back and forth between images and think I have it sorted only to change my mind again! Oh well there is no rush now so maybe I’ll let it stew in my brain for a bit!

Lastly joining in on Cheryls Meadow Mystery QAL I’m still picking my quilt colours. I think I have it down togrey and white for the background and either light, medium and dark toned reds or a buttery yellow, sky blue and pinky coral colour.

I just can’t seem to make my mind up these days at all, at all…


  1. Decisions, decisions... looks like you have an overload with decision-making)) Sometimes you just have to relax and let others decide for ))

  2. Ooh, great colors and re-invisioning for the Snowflake Shimmer QAL! I think color choices do come in bursts, so I'm not surprised that your house decorating is leaning toward the same colors right now. I'm a fan of the buttery yellow and sky blue option for the Meadow Mystery quilt, but you know I'm also a sucker for tonal play, so I'm sure either would be gorgeous!

  3. Those colors for both your Snowflake Shimmer and your home stopped me in my tracks. Such a gorgeous and subtle combination of hues Ruth! It makes me want to plan a quilt and borrow your color scheme.
    Maggie looks very comfortable in her crate. It's a good place for her to be while your beautiful Rainbow Rose is on the floor... so nobody mistakes it for newspaper.
    It sounds to me like you have been making a lot of great decisions lately and can have full confidence in your choices! I hope that disc in your back behaves itself.

  4. Maggie looks so sweet and comfortable too!! I love the new colours you picked for your home. I have a very similar blue in mine too. Rainbow Rose looks beautiful, I like the corner pieces you added. I hope you feel better soon, Ruth!


  5. Your Rainbow Rose top is beautiful, and I do like the addition of the applique in the corner. This would be a great top to hand quilt, especially if you've not hand quilted before. Lots of opportunities for both straight-line quilting and the borders just invite a beautiful stencil or improv design. I hope your back improves soon!

  6. Ruth, your hallway looks wonderful! Makes me want to throw some different colour around here too. It's always amazing just how much some paint can lift the mood of a room. I totally can relate to puppies being huge time gobbler-uppers! Hope you have more success than we did with Rocco and his crate. Your Rainbow Rose turned out beautifully, and I like the addition of the appliqué. I just LOVE the colours you've chosen for Yvonne's QAL! Blue is my favourite. Either of your choices is good for Cheryl's; I know I'd have a hard time choosing but think I'd go with the first one.

  7. I haven't decided how to quilt my rainbow rose yet either. I cannot blame summer as it is mid-winter here.
    That is great that your quilt will match the hall. Maybe it can become a wallhanging and decorate the entry. :)

  8. Just think how great the snowflake shimmer quilt will look in your hallway!! Lovely colours you have chosen. I tell you I wouldn't be able to get anything done with something as cute as Maggie in the house!

  9. You quilt is beautiful Ruth as is your snowflake shimmer fabric pull and your hallway. I hope your back is better soon.

  10. I love your cheerful bright colors, and I like the pink/purple applique better than the hexagon one. Not that you asked. =)

  11. Both of your colorways for the mystery quilt look great! You can't go wrong with either. I think that hand-quilting your rainbow quilt would be awesome!

  12. I love that your quilt and your hall will match: both have lovely, calm, pretty colours that I guess will be very easy to live. I think your top would look very cool with hand quilting.

  13. Decorating your house to match a quilt sounds like something I'd do! LOL!! (And it's so fun!!) A new puppy.....don't you just love their little puppy kisses!!

  14. I never did get off the ground with the Rainbow QAL. Where does the time go??????


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