Monday 10 October 2016


The IPS takes part in challenges set by the European quilt Association (EQA) and they are usually small scale mini quilts and always really very interesting to look at.  I posted about past exhibits Crossroads and Movement and this year we were fortunate to have Distance exhibited with the IPS National Evolution in Limerick, so  I got to spend quite a bit of time with the quilts.

Some were beautiful.

Some were a little sad like this one about emigration by Cynthia Keegan and the next one about growing older and apart from loved ones.

 All were very interesting and fun to look at!

There were 20 quilts from Latvia and Ireland and 19 from Austria so if you want to see more I uploaded all the photos to the Midwest branch photo page on Flickr!  I just love these little pieces and thank you to the IPS International reps Loretta O'Brien & Paula Rafferty for sharing them with us.


  1. What a diversity of styles and subjects! I love the cat at the end of the colonnade - quite a mathematical challenge for the maker, I imagine!

  2. Wow there are some amazing minis in this lot :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these. They are beautiful

  4. Lovely work by all.
    (How often do the countries Latvia, Ireland and Austria get naturally grouped together like that? Eurovision finals, perhaps?)

  5. What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing them, Ruth!


  6. What a lovely exhibit of these gorgeous quilts - thanks for sharing Ruth.


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