Thursday 6 October 2016

IPS exhibition Evolution and a very busy weekend!

I got to meet my quilt idol!!!  You might remember this post where I shared my enthusiasm for Ethelda Ellis's work after a visit to her exhibition in Mountmellick Library this summer.  Well I got to sit beside her at lunch at the Irish Patchwork Society's AGM!

I did tell her I love her work and visited her exhibition - I didn't do the selfie thing so no photo!  And it gets better!    As I found myself sitting beside Ethelda Ellis, opposite sat my online quilty friends Tomomi McElwee @ Slaney Handcraft and Lena @Quilt Art!  Tomomi I know for a few years now and it was wonderful to meet Lena in person as I am also a huge fan of her gorgeous work.

Lena handed me her camera to take this photo of her being awarded the prize for excellence!

In fact not only did Lena win the viewers choice at our Evolution exhibition, she won the award for excellence for the same piece.  She is on a roll as she also won her category in the Bloggers Quilt Festival too!  Congratulations Lena, well deserved, every bit of it!

Lena's beautiful quilt Fallen by the Wayside
Detail of Archaeopteryx
There were quite a few of us I know from the Modern Quilters Group in the IPS too and I got to catch up with Maya Toscani and Cynthia Keegan that I am in a bee with for 2 years now - first time meeting in person!  And I won a prize in the raffle of some really lovely Christmas fabric from Sew Crafty Fabrics - thank you ladies!

I am still catching up with myself after the AGM and the talk by Quilt Artist Dorothy Russell (click here for the link to her website to see her intricate panel work).  So I though I would share some of my favourite quilts from Evolution, the IPS National exhibition that was hosted by our branch in Limerick in the summer. 
Four Winds textile Group
Tomomi McElwee
Irene MacWilliam
Erin Case
Cecilia O'Doherty - A Brief History
Imelda O'Grady
Maya Toscani
Phyllis Murphy
Maureen Kennedy
Louise Mullane
My Quilt on the Human family tree - the Hominidae (you are here!)  Needs a good steaming - pesky fold lines!
Me in front of my quilt Same but Different
Mum had to have a photo too!


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend! Getting to spend some "in person" time with people is definitely something I'm trying to figure out how to do more of myself.

  2. Nice! I sent a link to my sewing group so they could see too.

  3. I'm still thinking back to last Saturday - it was so exciting! And thanks for featuring the exhibition photos, nice to remember all the beautiful quilts there.

  4. Lovely photographs! It was great to see you at the AGM!

  5. Sounds like an amazing time. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.

  6. Thanks for sharing photos -- the quilts are amazing. Sounds like you had a great time.

  7. I'm awe struck by these beautiful quilts , every single one is so well crafted . It is weird though I did particularly like yours , maya and Louise without reading the names !

  8. Of course mum had to have a photo too!
    I love the Four Winds Textile Group's project. I cannot explain why, as it is not usually my style, but it is beautiful to me. I think I might become a Boro convert!

  9. What a wonderful event Ruth! Seeing those quilts in person must have been very exciting. The Four Winds Textile Group's project is inspiring. And I'm thrilled for Lena - both because she got to meet you and because her quilt won awards. I fell in love with Fallen By the Wayside from the first glimpse!


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