Wednesday 26 October 2016

Wandering Camera

We are just back from our holidays on the west coast of Clare with the dogs so I though I'd pull together some photos of the pups for this months wandering camera link up with Soma @ Whims and Fancies!  I'll have a sewing update on Friday as it wasn't all play and I did get some quilt tops finished and made massive headway on the round robin quilt to share with you then!  For now over to the furballs:

There was lots of this:

Maggie is now bigger than Charly and at 6 months old is all paws!  Wilbur on the other hand at 10 1/2 is on 5 tablets a day and slowing down massively these days.  I've been calling him Snuffalufagus as slow and steady seems to be the way of it these days!  Poor mite had an arthritis flare up so short walks on the beach is all he could manage while the other two bounced around him!

You can tell when he is not happy as his normally relaxed droopy face gets all scrunchy and wrinkled with the effort of walking.   Feels like this could be the last year we walk him on Doonbeg beach.  So while Wilbur snoozed in the back of the car, the puppy mania continued:

Then Maggie got tired!

But not Charly!  Who's eleven?  Not me!  I'm still a puppy!

In the middle of the break we came home for a few days as Maggie had her neutering operation and had to wear the cone of shame!  She managed amazingly well with it, better than any of our other dogs.  Patch used to get stuck in a corner and just stay there forgetting he could walk backwards!  Maggie had fun running after Charly scooping her up in it and clever dog managed to figure out the cone covered the food bowl so Wilbur couldn't get at it!

Then the humans had a holiday!  My cousin and her husband came to visit from Chicago and we wandered around the loop head peninsula admiring the scenery of the Wild Atlantic Way and finding some really good pubs open for food despite it being October and the end of the tourist season!

Some of my favourite photos - Queen Charly who clearly owns the whole beach!

The two pals!

And the senior citizen having a wander!

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  1. Beautiful photos, Ruth! I love to see the dogs having fun on the beach! Sad to hear that Wilbur can't run. Fantastic places also on your photos! x Teje

  2. What beautiful photographs and memories. Your pups are so sweet and thanks for sharing them with us. :)

  3. so sweet and looks like a lovely holiday!

  4. These are great photos! So glad you shared them with us. I love how all the personalities come out in these pictures :)

  5. my lab ran after her surgery and tore out stitches! She had no pain at all apparently. When the vet said she has to stay in the kennel for two weeks I said then you better give all of us tanquilizers! lol

  6. Awe look at those ears!!! They are all so cute!!

  7. Oh, the cone of shame - it makes turning corners so tricky for dogs. An edge always seems to catch door frames.
    These are such lovely photos of the dogs playing.

  8. Beautiful! Your dogs are so cute!!!

  9. I absolutely love the carefree photos of the pups in this set, Ruth! Wilbur is getting on, so he is trying to be a serene role model for the young one while Charly is showing her the fun side. At least that's how I like to interpret :)
    The Humans had a great vacation too, beautiful scenery. The last three photos are priceless.

    Thanks so much for sharing them on Wandering Camera :)


  10. What a lovely set of photos! Nothing beats a big empty beach for a bit of fun. :-)


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