Tuesday 9 July 2013

Finish-A-Long Quarter 3 goals

This is what my sewing (ahem kitchen table) looks like at the moment.  I have 8 separate projects on the go at the same time in various stages of completion (in addition to UFO's from last quarter!) so choosing the projects I hope to complete by September has been a bit of a problem for me.

A lot of the projects I'm doing are BOM that won't be finished by September but there some above I really could do with getting finished so after much pondering here's my list:

  • Bounce
    Nearly there with this one, 80% quilted and binding material purchased.
  •  A Dog's Life,  2 blocks out of 4 done.
    • Boo to you (UFO from last Halloween).  A finish in spetember would be perfect for this! Top done just have to quilt it with orange and purple thread to fill in those cream squares.

    New projects started
    •  Swoon 2013, pattern bought, fabric bought, SAL on flickr joined now to start cutting!
    • 4 Houses Cushion, designed,maths all worked out, test block completed, ready to make the real thing now.

    I think that's plenty to keep me going for a while!

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    1. Nice list! Lots of fun things on there and one done! That is a great way to start! Good luck with the rest!


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