Sunday 21 July 2013

Sunday Lack of Stash!

I decided to make my 4 Houses project this weekend.  I had some layer cake squares in Coquette left over from my Bounce stars project but wanted to save them for a baby quilt I'm planning for a friend so I bought a pack of 10" squares of Tula Pink's Prince Charming range.  There are 20 squares in the pack so I had great fun during the week picking the colours for the roofs and houses.
I kept Prince Charming for a future project.  He's just so cool I couldn't cut him up for a roof!
I tested some background colours initially thinking I'd go with white but this fawn colour is a really good neutral against the Prince Charming colours.  Only thing is, I only had enough on hand for an applique project "A Dog's Life" that I've had on the back burner.  With no background fabric on hand I've stalled on this until I can buy some more.
 So having the house to myself and time on my hands I decided to make my second Swoon block.
I think I prefer the small scale print in the middle and the larger in the corners as in my first block but I like the colours overall and I'm loving that Kona Midnight navy.  I very nearly used it for my 4 houses but figured Navy might be a bad choice for a living room where 2 dogs sneak onto the couch.

Time now for a cup of tea and a bit of online shopping to find my fawn/beige background fabric!


  1. I'm really into navy at the moment ... it looks fantastic in the swoon block :)

  2. Love your Swoon! The navy really sets off the star, and the orange and aqua are fantastic with it. What is the orange print from?


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