Friday 7 February 2014

A Finish - Kobo e-reader cover

Gordon got a new Kobo e-reader.  It really is a lovely device and a very nice size about 4.5" x 6.5".  I think I want one too!  So admiring it, and reading a few stories from the Brothers Grimm on it, (yes I borrowed it only for a short while!), I came up with the bright idea of making  a cover for it!  He doesn't ask me to make him much, if anything, and usually takes a deep breath when I head his way with fabric or a design idea.  He patiently puts up with me bending his ear with all the crafty talk, so I thought with Valentines coming up and all, I'd make him a cover for his new Kobo.

I found a few paid patterns but stumbled across these three free ones when I was browsing for inspiration.

Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night Kindle Case tutorial
Blissful Sewing E-reader Cover
Displacement Activity Kindle

I eventually chose the last one to make, he preferred a flip cover over a sleeve and it has a handy pocket for the USB cable for travelling.  So I pulled all my manly fabric out, about 3 fat quarters (surprisingly I don't have much man friendly fabric in my stash!)  I had bought this for Doctor Who blocks but was happy to let him have it for his reader.

Sorry there are no in progress photos, the elastic hairbands I used for the corners (couldn't find black ones in the supermarket ?) broke my heart.  I've never sewn over elastic before - even basted they moved a bit and I ended up using a bigger seam allowance than 1/4" to get them in securely. 

The dreaded drop test when you turn it upside down to see if it will hold turned out ok!

You know the feeling when it's late in the evening and you should really put your project away and go to bed but you just want to get it finished?  Well I kept on going and started making mistakes.  By the time I was happy with the elastic corners I sewed the front and back together wrong way around and had to un pick. I put the tab on the wrong side and had to unpick.  But I kept on going. And finally a finish! 

I think I'd like to make one in brighter, happier fabric but not just yet.  I left out the stiffening card as this is just a reader and doesn't need to stand up on it's own and Gordon was happy with it as is.  Done and dusted!

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  1. Nice! Every time I visit...I just to squeeze those puppies:) Cuties!

  2. Oh! I've been looking for a pattern for exactly this! Thanks for sharing :) It looks great.

  3. it looks lovely! Thanks for using my tutorial :-D

  4. very nice! I don't have manly fabric either. I wonder why....

  5. Great cover, thanks for the tut.

  6. I make mistakes when I'm tired too!! Most often after the first I say a few choice words, undo the mistake and quit. . . but there are times I just can't stop. . . and the mistakes don't stop either ;) Lovely finish!

  7. I especially like the closure and accessory pocket. So glad you linked this under our crafty theme at Tuesday Archives as I bet many people would like to make one!


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