Monday 24 February 2014

Stash Bee February Block

The last Bee block for February is this Broken Wheel block for Sarah at Confessions of a slacker mom.  Sarah chose a colour scheme of blues and greens and requested the block with either colour and brown at the corners. 

The block is made up of 4 oversized corners trimmed down to size.  There is quite a bit to be trimmed and I had a little difficulty with the first corner.  The sucess of matching points was not dependent on pinning but on correct trimming.  I got the remaining ones spot on but the first one not at all! 

Sarah wanted seams pressed open and it really made matching points and lining up rows very easy.  This is the first block I've made where I pressed everything open.  I normally press to the side!

Having seen brown and blue used a lot before particularly in traditional style quilts I didn't realise how nice a colour combination it really can be. The fabric in this is Kona Azure for the blue and Forever Spring by Nancy Halvorsen for the brown.  I think its a really lovely combination.

The bottom right hand corner is the one I had trouble with.  Sarah was happy to receive as is and its gone off in the post now but the more I look at it the more I wish I'd remade it - Sorry Sarah!  Hopefully when it's quilted up and all crinkly it will fade into the background.

The tutorial can be found here on Stash Bee Hive #10.  There are 12 hives each posting a block per month so lots to chose from if you are looking for inspiration for your next project!


  1. What a beautiful block. You have one super bee, there.

  2. I love your block, especially the colour combination!

  3. Kona Azure is one of my absolute favorites. Nice block :)


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