Monday 3 February 2014

Design Wall Monday

The west coast of Ireland took a battering this weekend.  Storm Brigid arrived (1st February is St.Brigid's day) with high winds and high tide at 6.30am Saturday resulted in the River Shannon bursting it's banks, here in Limerick.  Over 300 houses flooded, pets missing, people displaced and homes destroyed.   The community of St Mary's park pulled together fantastically and evacuated their neighbours with the help of the emergency services.  Boats and horse &carts were used to move people out of harms way.  More photos here.  And there's more wind and rain forecast for the week.  We've had enough of winter - Spring can hurry up and arrive!  Thoughts go out to all those affected.

So battening down the hatches for most of the weekend, I pressed and arranged on the design wall the blocks I received from my hive mates in the Modern Irish Bee. 

There were 3 sizes of scrappy centres (3x3, 4x4 and 4x5) and some very cute scraps used to make these blocks.  Thank you so much to all who made these gorgeous blocks!  The fabric choices are so cheerful and fun.

I've come up with 3 layouts on the design wall so far.  I'm calling this one A. Scattered.

B. Linear (There's ordered linear and upsy-downsy linear!)

And the last one C. is Connecting line.

Votes in from family friends seem to an overwhelming win for A. Scattered.  It is the simplest to piece together so that's a plus too!  What do you think?

The original idea was to sash and border with skinny white strips as in the blocks themselves.  Would it be too weird to leave them disconnected like this?   To sash or not to sash?

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  1. Definitely A. It has a sense of movement that is missing in the other two arrangements.

  2. Wow! That's a crazy storm. Hope you are safe and well. I like A too - I don't think it needs sashing with the amount of free space you have - I like it how you have it layed out!

  3. I like A if you connect the little "hives" with the white lines... or C. I like the connections. Sort of like bloggers... connected by the white line of the Internet. Love the idea of the quilt being color blotches.

    And here we are begging for rain. Weather is all about extremes, I guess. Sorry yours was so destructive and the clean-up so much trouble. Our trouble will be starving cattle and ruined food crops.

  4. I like A and C. C will bring a lot of extra work though. By the way I can see my colour scheme are paler than others. Interesting. Hopefully everthing back to normal soon.


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