Thursday 13 February 2014

Colour theory

Two of the free programmes that we are exploring in Stiched In Color's class, Color Intensive, are the Palette Builder by Play Crafts and Kuler (also available in an app) by Adobe.  I've been having great fun with them, getting carried away to be honest!

One of our tasks was to make a mosaic colour wheel and to have fun exploring colour schemes.  I loaded my mosaic into the Palette Builder and it picked out the following colours automatically. 

You can move the selections around and set it to match your picks to Kona colours and add in some more  up to 10 selections.  I absolutely love this program!

The Adobe Kuler website allows you to play with the colour wheel and use colour schemes to build a palette, like complimentary (opposites on the colour wheel e.g. green+red) or analogous (next to each other on the colour wheel)

or triadic (3 points equidistant from each other).  I love how this last one just jumps out especially the blue/greens. 

In addition you can pick odd combinations like compound or do your thing in a custom setting.

If you want to adjust a colour you can click on it to highlight it and use the sliders to change the hue and the saturation.  It's great fun!  You can save your palette and share it with others  and explore what others have done. There is also an option to add a photo similar to PlayCrafts and pull colours out so I did it again with my mosaic above.

The programme can automatically pull colours from your image and you can play around with them in edit mode. 

And if you want to know what Kona colours these correspond to you can grab a screenshot and up load that to Palette Builder! 

Colour choice is a very personal thing.  You may have noticed I've been using lots of blue lately!  I've tried hard above to try and use other colours and I had tons of fun!  Next time you are looking for colour inspiration why not try the Palette Builder or the Kuler website, or both? 

And I just couldn't resist leaving you with this!  Not sure I'll ever make anything with this many browns but I really like that Windsor Blue.  There's no hope for me!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying Palette Builder. :D I've played with Kuler a bit before, but I love the idea of going between the two. :)
    I'm loving the Color Intensive photos showing up on Flickr. I really wish I was able to take the class! Maybe next time!

  2. I love to learn all the name of the colour!!


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