Friday 5 June 2015

Bee Block Finishes

I have bee blocks to share today.  Between getting 4 quilts ready for the exhibitions this month and the busy day job the bee blocks were last to be ticked off the list in May and I finished them up this last Sunday right in the nick of time on the 31st. 
For modern Irish Bee, Maya asked us for boxy stars in pink and green against a black background, an unusual colour combo and it makes me think I should use black a little bit more.  The blocks are made with this free tutorial from Quiltville.
They go together log cabin style and then you add the black squares on the corners.  Of course for my first block I added the squares to the wrong corners.  Doh!
It does give some interesting design options though like a cross instead of a star.
I see a foxes face in this one though Tomomi and Louise on facebook saw T-shirts!
We all quite like this one though.  Possibilities it has…
For stash bee the request was Churn dash blocks.  Love these!  There is something about a churn dash that is so satisfying to make.
We were asked to make 3 with a low volume background and bright fabrics and 1 the other way around. 
I really like this duck egg blue and flower pattern, something vintage and soft about it to me that reminds me why I wanted to make patchwork  pieces in the very first place.  Tutorial for this one is here on Stash Bee.  Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I've not seen the first one before, it looks a great block.

  2. *adds Yoda HHmmmMMmm to the end of "possibilities it has" in own head*

  3. Pennydog's Yoda comment cracks me up. :D
    These are really lovely blocks Ruth! The boxy stars are new to me, but put mint green in anything and I fall in love. Those fabrics in the churn dash pattern look like gorgeous vintage blocks for sure.

  4. While the star blocks are really pretty. I really like the one with pink in the middle.

  5. I really think it is fun to see all the options you can make from a block repeat just by changing the orientation of the blocks. The colors in the churn dash blocks are so soft and lovely - it looks like it will make a very cozy quilt!

  6. It is always a good feeling to get those Bee block commitments in under the wire, isn't it ? I love the variations that arise from just changing the placement of your black square.

  7. Your blocks are all so pretty, Ruth. I especially love the sweetness of the prints you chose for the churn dash blocks. Nice work!!!

  8. LOVE the fabrics you chose for the first blocks!! And I agree, that last layout is pretty interesting, many possibilities! I love the churn dash block! I have yet to make them. . . but it is on my list. That darn list!!

  9. This is a lovely collection of blocks. You've used beautiful fabric combinations :)

  10. Love your bright colours. I want them too :)

  11. What a great block. Love the different layout options.

  12. I loved the vintage feel of your churn dash blocks too. I think, like you, that is the thing that drew me to quilting also.


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