Tuesday 9 June 2015

Local Landscapes

Last week was the first National Quilting week in Ireland and there were local events on all around the country.  The Mid-West branch of the Irish Patchwork Society had an exhibition in the centre of town of 29 small quilts 16” x 40” on the theme Local Landscapes.
I thought you might like to see some more gorgeous quilts from the exhibit!  My quilt was hung with others using all hand dyed fabric.  You might remember my entry was this mini-quilt called Upriver.  It’s inspired by the sun setting on the river Shannon which flows through the city and I cross this river (over and under through the tunnel!) weekly.  Gordon is a rower and there are 5 or so rowing clubs in Limerick and the river is a big part of local life here.

  I really love Claire’s skyline and the purples in the fabric make this really gorgeous!_DSF3293_DSF3279
This abstract quilt by Grania Preston makes me smile.  The low volume strips are text prints and the idea is you come into town and pick up all the news and head home again all caught up on the gossip!

Local Landmarks (Bunratty Castle - Ursula O'Sullivan, Tate's Clock - Paula Rafferty and St. Mary’s Cathedral - Suzanne Pass)
Kayaks on the Shannon & Meg Kenny's quilt used a photographic technique to print large format negatives onto fabric and deliberately leaving spaces in the layout used thread to fill in the gaps with quilting later.  One of my faves!
Clarion hotel (one of the tallest building in Limerick) where someone abseiled down it for Age Action Charity in 2013 captured on cloth by Loretta O'Brien.
The Living bridge  in the University of Limerick and detail, such intricate stitching and brilliant use of collage by Louise Mullane.
Series by Paula Rafferty using rubbings from manholes covers and found objects in the city.  One of them, Shannon Foundary, I recognised straight away from a water valve right outside my mum’s front door.
The exhibition space was just beautiful and the quilts so varied it was a wonderful showcase of imagination and local talent.  I hope you enjoyed some photos of the quilts that were on display!


  1. Wow! What gorgeous quilts! Looks like a lovely exhibition. Jxo

  2. RUth these lanscape quilts are so very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow, these are all amazing quilts. I can't imagine creating something like these!

  4. Someone abseiling down the building is just what my dad would do. His last career was training and assessing rope access people for industries like off-shore oil rigs.
    That is a really chic gallery space!


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