Wednesday 3 June 2015

WIP Wednesday : The Curse of the May Minion

It’s funny how the universe can mirror your mood or is it the other way around?  May was a mad month for me and it seemed that the minion calendar on the fridge summed it all up beautifully.  Thankfully June is looking a much happier little character!

Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot done in May but the pressure of it all seemed to get to me more than usual.  Could be the hayfever, the summer flu I picked up right at the very end or the to do list that seemed endless in itself but I’m glad its behind me and the only deadlines this month are well in hand!

Even Charly was put out.  Wilbur stole her bed.

When we first brought Wilbur home from the rescue shelter, Charly would not share the big bucket she had shared with Ben and poor Wilbur was often stuck on the laminate floor, while mini JRT took over the whole thing. Charly likes a bit of height though and loves to look down on Wilbur, so she is fond of sleeping on my stash box.  Taking advantage of that, I bought her a cool hidey hole house and that was hers for the last 2 years.  For some reason though, I don't know why, Wilbur has invaded her space.  For a 26kg Basset he fits surprisingly well into her little house!

Not being able to steal my chair either, she finally found a spot, though I think you can see she's not happy about it!

I had to laugh but well, there is no way I'm letting her sleep in the clean clothes waiting to be ironed!

I did let her keep the basket though and made her a dog bed from a €1 ikea fleece and a cushion.  I'm getting evil eyes here as there was no way she was moving from this spot.  Excuse the shaky picture, bad back has also flared up! Can't bend without wobbling!  So glad May is done and dusted.  Hello happy June!

Plus its Irish National Quilt week this week and there is lots of fun stuff going on!  I will have photos from 3 exhibitions to share by the end of the week and on the 18th it’s my turn to host the Ho, Ho, Ho and on we Sew ( make for Christmas all year long!) and I have a new quilt top and free pattern to share with you then!

I thought there might be too many Racoons in this one but I was assured on Instagram, my Tula Pink Acacia Christmas take works and to leave it alone!  Hope you come back to see my 72"x 72" So Frosty Quilt block all pieced together later this month!

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  1. That basket looks like it has found its true calling! Love your racoons, and I am quite impressed by all the house blocks on your design wall! Looks like you have a number of projects underway. Good luck!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love all your houses. Can't wait to see them all put together.

  3. I agree, bring on June! Charley is ever cute, even when a bit put out! Love your big Frosty star!!!

  4. so cozy looking in the basket. Snuggly and near mummy. Bad May! Leave June alone! Here's to a new month full of promise! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. Ahh, poor Charley, she got bed-napped. The Racoon quilt is very cute!

  6. Here's a random comment for you- do you find the house type beds hard to machine wash? I've used duvets and duvet covers for our dogs forever because I can never get the shape back in anything specifically for dogs. I would like to get my hands on a "cave" though, for Gwen mostly (it will obviously have to be massive)

  7. Poor Charly! She looks so sad, but you are a great mum to let her have the basket. :) I really like the contrast in colors in your So Frosty quilt top; the raccoons are a fun detail but not overwhelming - glad the IG community said the same thing!

  8. Maybe Blogger's got a bad back too! Hope yours smartens up soon. I KNEW I knew you! I went to "About" and see my comment from almost a year ago! Love the antics your fur kids get up to, and the looks on their faces--!!! Priceless. Um, I also love (and have 2 yards of) the racoon fabric! Really like your ironing board cover! ;-) Should be fun in this hop we're in!

  9. Poor you. My May was bit hectic as well totally unexpectedly.Hope the weather picks up and all the rest. Enjoy tomorrow!

  10. This is something that would happen at my house!! Wilbur is too funny and Charly's face! Awwww! She looks very content in her new basket. :) Your So Frosty top is awesome! I have looked at the racoon fabric many times, decided I did not like - but your top might have me changing my mind about it! And I agree with the IG crowd - you have just the right amount :)

  11. My cat has a little house like that, and he loves it. Thankfully, the dog has not tried to steal it - they are both about the same size, so it would be easy.
    Never too many racoons (or pets).

  12. Such cute babies! I love it! My dogs do this too! Koda tried to take Ellies spot the other day and she chased him out barking!

  13. The blanket was a much better solution than the clean clothes. ;) The raccoons are sure cute!

  14. Charly is so darn cute and you can see all her emotions in her glances and ears. Her new bed looks so very cozy too. Wilbur must be testing the order of things.
    So sorry that May was a tough month for you Ruth. That minion calender better have all fun and happy minions on it for the remainder of the year! Hee hee
    I agree with the IG folks - So Frosty looks great!


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