Monday 15 June 2015

Modern Quilters Ireland

Today I have a guest post over on Modern Quilters Ireland (MQI) describing OMG -Organic Modern Quilts a variation within the Modern Quilt Aesthetic if you are interested.  
Some of us from MQI got to meet up earlier this month at the opening of first ever Quilt Exhibition:  Happiness.  It's a funny thing meeting people you only know through hashtags and blog names for the first time.  Lots of smiles and shy Hello's but after about 30 seconds its full on happy chart admiring each others work and getting to know each other a bit better!
The venue was St. Patricks Mental Health Services in Dublin and the exhibition is on until the 26th June if you are in the area you still have a chance to go see it.  There are just under 30 quilts and the space is beautiful for them.
Fiona Roche - Be Positive & Irina de Juan - Supernova Starburst (Bee Quilt)
The exhibition was opened by Paula Rafferty and Cindy Coleman.  Cindy's speech along with some more photos is here on her blog Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  It is a lovely speech on the community of online quilters and worth having a read!
Sarah Flynn-Made to Measure & Catherine Fleming - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Hand quilting by Sarah Flynn
I finally finished my triangle quilt started February 12 months ago!  It was sitting quilted with no binding for such a long time!  All of the quilts really do have a happy feeling to them and I really love Claires Hearts framed with Ric-Rac.  Such a fun quilt!
Ruth Bourke - Good Morning & Claire Lynch - Crazy Hearts
 If you enter the hospital from the main road and come through on the lift, as soon as the doors open you are greeted by Suzanne's minion!  The arms are movable!
Suzanne Pass - Snazzy!
Ana Hutchinson - Energy Spectrum
There were quite a few Bee quilts in the group and we had great fun looking for our blocks in the quilts!
Ruth Bourke - So scrappy too! (Bee Quilt)
Cindy Coleman - Stargazing (Bee quilt)
The use of colour and contrast was amazing and you could sit on the large sofas looking at these beauties for quite a while!
Liz Dunne - Around the World
Paula Rafferty - Colour Blocks
Paula Rafferty - Life Cycle
Tomomi Mc Elwee - Flow
 I hope you enjoyed a look at some of our quilts from our first exhibition!


  1. Interesting choice of location but it will be great for patients I'd have thought, therapuetic and thought provoking- in a good way.

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts. It must have been wonderful to see them in person.

  3. WOW! What beautiful quilts!! Thank you for sharing these, there is a LOT of eye candy here :)

  4. Wow is right! So many beautiful quilts. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Beautiful quilts. The minion quilt is so fun - I am super excited about that minion movie coming out soon. :) Off to go read your other post...

  6. What a wonderful exhibit Ruth! Thank you for sharing it with us. I felt inspired by all the quilts and also loved the names people came up with. Those halls look like the most colorful museum.

  7. You must be so proud to be part of this fantastic group. The quilts look wonderful against all that white space (but it will look awfully dull when the quilts come down!). So many different styles but I love the way you come together in the bee quilts.

  8. I've met a few blogging friends in person and it is like seeing an old friend! so fun! WoW Lots of inspiration in these quilts....thanks so much sharing!

  9. I've met a few blogging friends in person and it is like seeing an old friend! so fun! WoW Lots of inspiration in these quilts....thanks so much sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing these beautiful inspiring quilts.

  11. So much to admire here! I won't tell you my favourites because there are too many to choose, but I think everyone will get a laugh out of the crazy minion greeting them at the door.


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