Friday 17 July 2015

I miss my sewing room!

Ever noticed how quilting seems to invade all aspects of your life?  We're in decorating mode at the moment and I've been pulling every paint chip & colour card from the shelves trying to decide on a warm cream/grey colour for the kitchen walls.  I even splurged on two magazines (Your Home and Your Style) for inspiration and had to laugh when I saw these.

The Home Dec magazines are calling it Geometric Pattern and picked some painted chevrons and print fabrics for cushions.  Maybe we should expand our quilting patterns to walls and furniture?  Still not going too crazy I've been spray painting chairs, chalk painting doors and adding pops of colour where I can while encouraging G to paint the ceilings so I can get on with the walls! 
 As I sew at our kitchen table this means everything has been moved into my end of the room so the ceilings can be painted and panelling undercoated (?).  Things are a mess and I miss my sewing machine!
Still it could be worse...
You might have seen on FB and IG : Wilbur killed our sofa !  Thankfully its not totally dead.

I whipped the covers off the sofa to wash them and laid the cushions down on my newly painted cubes. Feeling a bit neglected he decided to amuse himself and pulled a cushion up onto the sofa and tore into it.  Not the end of the world only a cushion insert, but in his zeal to kill the evil cushion he got sidetracked and took a few chunks out of the sofa too!
It was all my fault!   Well, maybe not all!  Forgetting to close the door to the living room and not paying him any heed, he decided to play.  As I was busy in the kitchen painting, listening to the sound of the washing machine and dryer going , he was having great fun.

As I walked back into the room, newly dried covers all ready to go, my hands went to my face and Oh and My managed to come out of my mouth and that was about it.  Speechless!

Well what are you going to do?  I got the camera.  Seeing that I was giving him my full attention he decided to show off and dived on the sofa a second time.  At least it was the ruined cushion this time and not the sofa itself he was ripping into,  so I took a few photos.
 But he got tired.  Killing evil cushions is hard work! 

I managed to get the sofa bits back in the covers and turned the lumpy one he chewed up upside down - think anyone will notice?
Hopefully normal quilty updates will resume after the weekend as I have Bee blocks to do and need my machine back! 

Happy weekend everybody!


  1. Oh, your poor not-so-evil sofa! I think it looks okay, and if anyone does notice then you can share the fun pictures. Have fun decorating!

  2. Oh Wilbur, how funny that he wanted to show you his ferocious skills. We had a pup that got into our sofa cushions, too. But he liked to unzip the fabric lining first. Seriously! Good luck finishing up some of your home improvements and getting your sewing space re-established!

  3. This post should be marked not suitable for work, I just laughed out loud at the action shot drawing attention to the fact that I'm not working…. XD
    He and Hank would get on famously.

  4. But Wilbur looks so noble and innocent! It's hard to imagine, but you have photographic evidence!
    More than a few times I've said to our dogs "It's a good thing we love you so much!"
    Totally love how you mixed fabrics for a bohemian sofa Ruth!

  5. What a evil cushion can do! :)) He saved your life for sure! :))

  6. Your first photo of Wilbur looks like a take of "Joey" from friends when he wakes up with sand boobs in the beach house.

  7. Now that really is a hangdog expression :)

  8. Great photos, even if they did cost you a sofa cushion! I like the sound of what you are doing in the kitchen - make sure you post a pic once the work is done.

  9. Great colours! The photos are priceless! Love the look on Wilbur's face, so calm and serene. He was trying to protect you of course. You are just like me. I would also grab my camera in these kind of situations :-)


  10. Great photo of Wilber in action! Those covers matchs very well with rest :)

  11. Wow. I thought that sofa was truly dead after the Instagram shot, but I really do not think anyone will notice now you have put it back together and flipped the chewed cushion.
    Part of me loves painting. Part of me hates it. I think the bit I dislike most is finding where to put the furniture out of the way.

  12. hilarious to read, and I'm amazed at your calm reaction. I would have gone ballistic. I sent a link to my friend Glen at QuiltSwissy who has bassets.
    What a party he had. Doesn't he like change? Doesn't he like your color choices? Always a critic!


  13. Good luck!! I'm sure it was a sight to see Wilbur having fun with the cushion.

  14. Oh my goodness ... thankfully he sorted that evil cushion out. You never know what kinds of danger are lurking in your home (lol)

  15. Oh my.......I have a Basset Destroyer too. McGee. I can walk out of the room leaving three deeply snoring bassets and come back in 2 minutes to three snoring bassets and my quilt magazines shredded in the middle of the floor! Every time I walk out of the room something dies.

    And people say they are couch potatoes......they are actally masters of the flash movements!

  16. Replies
    1. PS: Can't even notice!!! And oh my sewing room has ended up like that...luckily it's temporary!

  17. He has a great "what? I didn't do anything...what mess?" expression!! Love the cushion cover fabric. Is that Ikea?


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