Wednesday 29 July 2015

Mark your diaries - Pets on Quilts is coming up!

My favourite linky party is Pets on Quilts!  Every year Lilypad Quilting hosts the linkup for blog posts and Flickr photos of our furballs in quilt form or posing on quilts and lots of prizes are given away for dog on quilt, cat on quilt, quilts on horses, quilts featuring dog/cat etc.  One year there was even a hedgehog posing on a quilt!
I've entered  both our furballs and even though Charly looks really cute on a quilt somehow Wilbur always manages to steal the show!

It's the action shots that do it I think!

We have great fun every year doing a photo shoot in the garden and they love it on account of the abundance of treats required to get them to sit still for a few minutes!  They have me well trained...

Mark your diaries August 17th is the date to link up with Lilypad quilting! Really looking forward to it!


  1. That was my hedgehog Sullivan! I think this must have been where I found your blog originally. Hank Frankly is being submitted this year...

  2. Thank you Ruth for reminding us! love your dogs but Willbur surely is unique for photos. Like my Nero usually is great in photos instead of Hanna who looks usually shy and sad. Looking for to see your post! x Teje

  3. Thanks for the reminder; I do have a great photo of my cat, Puppy, cuddled up in a quilt from earlier this year, so I might just link up! :)

  4. They are so cute!!!! Charly and Wilbur are so photogenic.

  5. Yes Wilbur looks great in photos. I am sure in real as well. Enjoy!!

  6. They are so photogenic! Great photos. Thanks for the reminder, I may just have to join in the fun this time :)


  7. I am so excited about this now I have a pet. My roommate adopted a Pug named Rosa a couple months back. She loves sleeping on quilts, so it might have to be a sleeping shot! I can't wait to see Wilber's photo shoot this year!

  8. This... Has made me SMILE! Yes, Charly is a sweetie and Jack Russells are my fave. But Wilbur? What a ham!!!

  9. Although I have hundreds of photos of the pets and hundreds of photos of quilts, I do not think I have many where the two are combined. Hmmm.
    How could anyone beat a hedgehog on a quilt?


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