Wednesday 8 July 2015

WIP: Q2/Q3 Finish-A-Long

Well I completely missed linking up my finishes this quarter which is a shame as I had a few this time around!  Probably my best quarter yet!  Very easy to lose track of things when you are making swap deadlines, bee blocks & the flaky internet connection, that's been with us all this past week, has meant I couldn't get online too much.  Behind on my blog reading and link up,  seems that watching Doctor Who on Netflix, while sewing all day Saturday uses up a bit of bandwidth!

Still, in lieu of the finish link up, I thought I’d be accountable here and set my FAL goals for the next quarter! 
  • Nerds craft it better swap  - Finished!  Made a Hazel ala Orphan Black cushion, a storage box + a notebook cover for my partner!
  • SPD Fairy Tale swap:  - Finished!  I wrote about the project book here last week (fox and bunny!) but will write more about the mini Princess and the Pea  here this Friday
  • MQI exhibition in June - Modern Irish Bee 2014 quilt and Triangle-A-Long both Finished!
  • Local Landscapes IPS exhibition in June (Irish Patchwork Society) – Finished!  Collage quilt using hand dyed fabrics called Upriver
  • Selfish Sewing -finish sewing machine cover & Tape it quilt from Brigitte Heitland workshop – not done
I don’t feel bad I didn’t get the last 2 done as they were for me with no end date needed and I had enough to do with the must makes that I got done!  So for this quarter I’m carrying those two over and adding:
So that's my lot for Q3.  Linking up to
    2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. You have been busy. Wow. I have never heard of Swoon before, but this is the second one I've seen this week. Time to go investigate. Happy sewing this week.

  2. Wow, congratulations on a great quarter and I hope the next one is full of great finishes, too! :)

  3. I cut 2.5 inch squares from my scraps and stash them for a future scrappy project – maybe an Irish chain, maybe a simply sashed quilt of 25-patch blocks or maybe something else. I will be interested to see what you do with your swap squares. Have you seen Red Pepper Quilts' latest quilt? Something like that, perhaps?

  4. Being away for a while, I was one of the last one to link, I almost missed the linky myself ... Good luck with all your finishes!
    I like the idea of the 2.5” squares swap ... Happy summer!!

  5. I like the idea of posting goals like this every so often to stay accountable and also to remember everything on the list! Lol. You've finished so many awesome projects, great job!

  6. My gosh, when you group them all in one post it is even more impressive Ruth! You had an amazing quarter! I keep looking closely at your projects. Lots and lots of great inspiration and I pinned a few too!

  7. You have done a lot. Those hedgehog still make me wants to do.... might give in soon.

  8. You did have a great quarter Ruth with lots of wonderful finishes. Your Triangle-A-Long quilt is spectacular :)

  9. It's a shame you missed linking up, but summer is awfully hectic here too. Completely understandable. Next quarter for sure. I love your works in progress, and look forward to seeing those finishes. You seem to be on a colorful track, and there's such joy there!

    Not sure if it's helpful to you or not, but I've started keeping a hard copy calendar of things for IRL: doctor, birthdays, etc., and another for sewing, quilting, blogging, business (taxes, etc.) The number of things I need to remember has recently multiplied by many degrees, and I've also missed a couple of deadlines I shouldn't have. It not only reminds me visually that things are coming up, but I'm losing the anxiety of juggling to remember on to top of being disspointed I've forgotten. It may not be your thing at all, but thought I'd throw it out to you. List making has also been good for me, though.


  10. You did have a great quarter. Wishing you an even better one. Have you thought about a nine patch quilt?

  11. Irish Chain! Although I'm not sure what you would use for background, some of those prints look fairly light coloured.

  12. What a shame you forgot to link up. Really nice projects. Good luck for Q3!

  13. So many great finishes, Ruth! And your list for Q3 is sure to result in more :) As for those squares, how about a postage stamp quilt? 16 patch style. I always admire them when I see them. Maybe a leader/ender project?


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