Wednesday 22 July 2015

WIP Wednesday - the slow progress one!

We're still decorating the kitchen- turns out painting white over stained wood panelling takes a few coats, even with paint that has a primer included. 
Wood panelling at back that eats paint!
2 coats in, lots brighter but still not done!
I'm on the 3rd coat at the moment and it takes 6hrs between them so a little bit every day is slooooow progress.  Decorating is not like quilting where every stage is very satsifying.
From piecing a block to making a quilt top, basting the layers together, adding the quilting and the very last stitch in the binding - all the steps that make you feel good and productive.  Painting is more like knitting!  The sense of accomplishment comes at the end and in between is the bit that's done and the bit that's not done!
While the kitchen is topsy turvy, I've been knitting a few rows waiting for the paint to dry.  Funny how the hands want to be doing something crafty.  Projects I started ages ago but had left lying around, have finally had a bit of attention and while I am nowhere near finished any of these, I am making progress, slowly, kind of like the painting!
I managed a few more inches on the blue, 7 repeats of the lace pattern on the red and started a whole new project.
I love Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran and working with 6.5mm needles is making this one go fast!  Still, I hope to have the panelling finished by Friday and then onto the walls.
2 coats of Jasmine white and the brown is still showing through!
I'm loving the pale peacock colour but we've all agreed the Georgian cream goes better with our spray painted chairs & mosaic tiles.  Apple green is having a holiday for a while.  Don't worry I'll find a way to get that pale peacock in the kitchen somewhere!  Maybe Wilbur and Charly would like a new peacock coloured dog bowl?


  1. choosing a paint color is the hardest thing for me! At least you are all agreeing on a choice... Wood sucks it up for sure. The change is for the good though. As much as I like wood, I like a bright reflective kitchen more. If you keep the neutrals, then for sure you can include the brighter colors as accent! Towels, placemats, dog bowls, curtains, oven mitts, all in bright bits of blues. Maybe even have a glass of wine for the blue bottle. LeeAnna (and Cole who likes a pretty dog bowl)

  2. Turning the paneling white, even though it hasn't fully covered the wood yet, has already made such a huge difference in how bright it is! Good luck getting it all touched and finished up. I know what you mean about hands itching to do something craft... I've had the urge to make DMC thread "friendship" bracelets again lately. Silly, but a fun way to pass the time.

  3. Your kitchen already looks much brighter. doesn't it make you feel happy when you go in there now? We bought a house in the mid-80's where all the CEILINGS were wood panelled, can you believe it? I couldn't wait to get rid of it as it made the rooms so dark and depressing, but what a mess there was on the other side! We couldn't fix it ourselves and had to employ a builder to repair the living room ceiling and then plaster it. The other ceilings I just painted over. Off-white made everything look more spacious and airy.

  4. While I like the simplicity of plain wood sometimes, the white paint here is so much brighter! Good luck with the knitting; I could never do that!

  5. knitting! Some how I really don't like. Love crochet but.. How can you start third project without finishing previous two. That's mad. tsk tsk.

  6. I love that peacock colour as well so I can see why you want to sneak some in to the mix. I'm very impressed with your knitting especially love the red lace. I'm making very slow progress on a sweater..I'm better at finishing quilting than knitting.

  7. The white makes it seem brighter. Good luck with painting. It's taken me probably four years to decide on an accent colour for my living/dining room, but now trying to decide on the main colour for all the walls which include the hallways. I'll eventually get there. LOL

  8. What a great update it makes to pint over the paneling! Your home will go better now with your modern quilts Ruth.

  9. Really like the white paneling, it already looks great! Your place is going to look so stylish! Nice work with the knitting. Are you working on three knitting projects at the same time? You are a brave girl :)


  10. Your white paneling will really brighten things up. (Great color choice, by the way.). Love seeing my name, even if it is a color. ;)

  11. The White really brightens up the space and love the painted chairs and units in the living room. You're on a decorating role...want to come round and paint my bookcase while you're at it?? He he ;)

  12. Oh, yes, painting over stained timber is a pain. It is looking much fresher already, and it won't be much longer.
    I love all your knits. I need to cast on something new.


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