Tuesday 25 August 2015


Have you ever invigilated a quilt display where your own work is hanging and earwigged what people were saying? I try not to but I am only human.

Our branch of the Irish Patchwork Society had a quilt display at the Limerick Agricultural Show this past weekend and I got to spend a few hours on Saturday minding the quilts, trying to recruit new members, chatting to other members and making a small purchase from Sew Crafty Fabrics pop up shop, which was right next door.

I had entered my 2 quilts from the Happiness exhibition in Dublin and they were hung opposite each other in a bright modern part of the exhibit. There was quite a variety of quilts, traditional log cabins, applique flowers, Star wars and Samplers so bound to be something in there for everyone!

Originally our local landscapes quilts were going to be used for the exhibit but we got an invitation to an Irish Festival in the States and our quilts went across the Atlantic, very exciting! So the call went out to the branch members and quilts came flooding in (seems we all had 1 or 2 squirrelled away that needed an airing!) They were hung last Friday with no time for labels so I can’t tell you who made what! Still we had lots of fun guessing and Mary said she knew mine straightaway! Funny how we all have a style even if we aren’t conscious of it!

My scrappy bee quilt received comments like interesting, why so much grey, shouldn’t they all connect and the quilting is quite fussy! Serves me right for listening in!

The best comments were from my friends brother, who made the effort to visit from his stand selling beautiful woodwork items. He is gifted! I was explaining my triangle quilt and the sunny centre and he pointed out that my sun was off centre and wanted to know why. I didn’t have an answer for him, it was just the way I wanted it! He suggested adding another row on the left to balance it out. Laughing I told him no chance, my quilt is for me on the sofa watching movies, its done and dusted and not for changing!

It was a very enjoyable morning apart from the torrential rain when we were heading home. Had to buy a brolly (15Euro!), captive audience, market prices all spring to mind! It is a very nice umbrella though so can’t complain too much!  I do like a daisy.

And I can’t show you the fabric I bought as I left in Louise’s car. Will be seeing that on the second Friday in September when our branch meetings start back up for the winter. It’s like going back to school – summer is well and truly over!


  1. I did that the only time I had a quilt in a show. I sat and watched people and it was really interesting to see how some people walked by without a second glance and others stopped in their tracks. I didn't hear anything negative, but I did hear one woman say to her friend, "Now this is art!", which totally made my day.

  2. "the quilting is quite fussy" - best compliment ever in my book!! LOL Your friend's brother sounds exactly like every man who has commented on my quilts - that isn't centered, why are you not making it symmetrical? :)

    Listening in on comments at shows is one of my favorite parts of quilt shows - whether it is my quilt or not! I have yet to hear anything truly negative but did once catch a couple of women giving one of my quilts the stink eye! LOL

  3. That is a beautiful brolly!
    Isn't it funny how some people like symmetry.
    I haven't had a quilt in for judging, but at the last craft show my incomplete Dear Jane was hanging behind the Dear Jane group's table as I sat there. A three-year-old marched up, pointed at it, stuck her hands back on her hips and said, 'That lady's bonkers!' in a very clear voice and with an air of authority. I could only agree with her. it made my day.

  4. I actually usually prefer symmetrical but I think it would be boring if you had made it that way!

  5. Isn't it funny the way that non-quilting peeps (or traditional quilters) have a much different perspective about our quilts. I absolutely love both of your quilts and was reading with my mouth open in aghast over what comments you heard. But I expect I'm going to come across a similar thing at this year's school fete. I've been trying to select fabrics for pencil cases, ipad covers, fabric baskets etc ... all the while asking myself "now, what would non-quilty people like?"

  6. Gorgeous! So sad we have been away for the summer so no visiting Limerick! I love your quilts even if one is grey and the other of center ;)

  7. Don't say that about summer..it's only the end of August! Love that umbrella too. And yes, make something because you like it, not for any particular reason or purpose...that Scrappy Bee is cool, makes your eye wander all over. :-) ONE of these days I will get a triangle quilt that is not stack 'n whack made. The red heart is so eye-catching too! Very unique.

  8. I love both of your quilts and as I was reading the comments I could remember the steps you took along the way to turn them into a reality. I think it is really interesting that people do either really like symmetry or asymmetry. And while the comments on the bee quilt sound slightly more hard, it does seem like it made them pause and think about it, which is a sign of good art, right? :)

  9. What is it with men and symmetry? LOL Your triangle quilt has always been one of my favorites and is on my bucket list Ruth! It looks all the more wonderful for the sun being off center and I love the way it looks like it glows from within. And Scrappy Bee is such a cool quilt! My guess is that those people do not understand Modern quilting.
    I'd be afraid to "earwig" (Hee hee) what people were saying. You get a lot of uninformed opinions in a public setting.
    How fun that your guild sent the quilts to the states!

  10. Sounds like an interesting experience. My boys love things symmetrical and have no problem telling me they don't like improv. (At least my husband is more diplomatic than my oldest son). I always tell them that I didn't make it for them! Lol. I think your quilts are wonderful. Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I absolutely love that red heart. (Although I am sure my boys would have something to say about it).

  11. Love that umbrella. so pretty. What dose it mean quilting fussy? Quilting should make quilts much more beautiful! I like imbalance, off centre, non symmetric and all. That's more interesting and that's what we are. That's what I think of it anyway:)

  12. I'm always conscious not to say anything negative too loud incase the maker is nearby! Not that I say anything too bad of course. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to listen in to comments about mine though!

  13. Those people have no idea what they were talking about. Your quilts are lovely! And yes, we make quilts for ourselves and we do whatever makes us happy :)



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