Friday 21 August 2015

Polaroid blocks - A trip down Memory Lane

I'm not sure what it is about Polaroid blocks that makes them so appealing.  It could be the nostalgia factor.  My best friends Dad had a Polaroid camera and we all took turns holding the image under our arms, waiting for it to develop (not sure that that was needed!)  It's magical watching a photo develop right in front of you! 

Maybe it's the framed centres showing off some lovely fabric that makes these so cute! 

Helen @ Midget Gem Quilts asked us for Polaroid blocks with Kona Solids used as backgrounds, any colour and mix shades if we wanted as long as they were part of the same colour story.

I had the most tones of orange, so used that for the first block and framed some more of that hummingbird fabric and a very sunny daisy!  I love daisies - they are my favourite flowers.  They always seem such happy flowers.  This sunny version reminded me of when we were kids making dairy chains in the fields at the beginning of summer!

Of course, I couldn't pick favourite fabrics without something dog related.  This little bit of puppy park is my nod to walking the dogs in Curragh Chase.  Curragh Chase is an old estate that belonged to the deVere family about 14 miles south of Limerick City.  It is now owned by Coillte, the national forestry service.  I grew up in the city and lived in a street with 10 houses and all the kids played together and were in and out of each others houses constantly.  Not having any gardens we used to wander!  The adults never worried about us and we were always back by 6 for tea!  Every now and again we'd all cycle to Curragh Chase and climb trees, feed the swans and have a picnic.  Now we put the dogs in the crate in the back of the car and drive there!

 So this is my nostalgic Polaroid block, added in a bit of aqua just cause it seems to be my favourite colour of the moment!

Modern Irish Bee requires 2 blocks per person for the Queen Bee so I choose Navy for my second block.

I added in a little bit of Noteworthy (love that fabric!) and chose the birds on a line to go with the last few bits of music fabric I have left from my Penny Sampler quilt.  That quilt is a big milestone for me and even though its not my own design and not yet quilted its probably the one I'm most proud of!  I figured the birds tweeting went well with the music. 

My Dad was a brilliant whistler and could mimic most of the birds around us.  Even living in the city there were lots of sparrows, starlings, pigeons, wag tails, the odd hawk and falcon and seagulls (courtesy of the Shannon).  Dad liked to start them off whistling and then stay quiet letting the birds join in!  He also liked to stand at the front door after a few pints in the pub and whistle for a bit (pub closed at 11pm in the winter 11.30pm in the summer).  The neighbours never seemed to mind!  This is the only recording we have of him whistling - strange for something that was so regular to have not captured more of it!

 More daisies and another bit of aqua finishes off the block. 

Hope you like them Helen, they are winging your way today.  Thanks for the opportunity to have a little trip down memory lane!


  1. Oh, Ruth! What a happy post. I enjoyed being invited on the trip down memory lane. And your dad's whistling was quite good! Your blocks are so pretty. I keep thinking how fun it would be to do some Polaroid blocks.

  2. We used to shake the Polaroids and not put them under our arms. I don't think that either method helped!
    These are such cheery blocks. I am going to listen to your dad's whistling – no one in my family can whistle.

  3. What beautiful memories, Ruth. My husband loves to whistle to birds as well and tends to make fast friends with any mockingbird willing to call back and forth with him. :)

  4. My dad whistled while he worked around the house. He whistled all the time really. It really is a lost art now.

  5. They are lovely. Very nostalgic. We shook polaroids photos and blew on them sometime. I don't know where we got those ideas.

  6. Yes, there is something about Polaroid blocks that is extremely appealing. Daisies are my favourite too, I also think of them as extremely happy flowers. These are beautiful blocks, Ruth and a really wonderful post.


  7. Your blocks are so cheery! And your childhood memories are lovely :) Whistling is not a skill my dad had, though he tried often! LOL

  8. Such sweet memories of your father Ruth. I can't think of my grandmother without remembering her humming.

    Polaroid quilts have the same nostalgic pull with me too.

  9. Great blocks and a great post :-) I love the story of your dad's whistling. Funnily enough my dad was saying just the other day that everyone used to whistle and now you rarely hear it.

  10. I Love these blocks! I have been wanting to do polaroids since they first hit the scene, and have been seeing more -now my interest is piqued again! I love your color choices.


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