Thursday 5 September 2013

Bee Blocks

After Plum & June's summer blog hop for new bloggers called Let's Get Acquainted a few people got together to take part in Bees.  I've never been in a Bee before so when the call went out to those outside the US interested in joining one I jumped right in.  Those of us who don't mind keeping the postman employed on both sides of the Pond formed the Global Scrap Bee.

Adrienne over at Chezzet Cook Modernquilts is starting us off as Queen Bee for September. She's picked Don't Call Me Betsy's Patchwork Wheel Tutorial to start us all off and wanted colours with a beach theme (grey, blue, teal & orange).  Luckily I just happened to have all of these in my Penny Sampler material bundle. 

In my head these colours made sense to me for a beach in Ireland.  A bit of orange for the sun, lots of whitish blocks and pale blue for the foam horses on the waves, a bit of green for the tufty grass you find on the cliffs, some dark rocky pools and lots of grey because we have lots of rain.  In fact it was raining when I finished these blocks and couldn't hang them for vertical photo taking.  This block looks much better square on and the photos don't do it justice!  But they were taken in natural light so the colours look pretty spot on.  (Whoever invented Goretex and golf umbrellas - thank you!)

With some Half square triangles left over I figured I'd make a second block 'cause it's always nice to have two and for some reason this one became less scrappy and more symmetrical.  Maybe I crave order and can only live in chaos for short bursts? 

I prefer the scrappy one looking at it square on the wall but the symmetrial one looks better in the photos so I am going to send both!

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  1. These look fabulous Ruth! Can't wait to pair them up with the others :)

  2. If you need a square on phototo but can't hang your block, stand directly over it, on a chair if necessary, to photograph. ;)
    Nice blocks! Wonderful that you ate participating in a bee. So exciting!


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