Saturday 7 September 2013

Molli Sparkles Quilt-A-Long

The wonderful Molli Sparkles has started a quilt-a-long using this beautiful block from PlayCrafts.  There is lots of advice on Molli's blog giving colour suggestions and making a practice block to get the hang of it and it really is good advice.  My first block seemed to be going well but I made a boo boo.  I trimmed in the wrong place and now have an off centre wonky block and a bit left over with nowhere to go!

I still like it.  But not giving up I made a second and I can see now why this block is so addictive and versatile in terms of colour and fabric choice.

This is either going to be a cushion or a doll quilt to match a bigger quilt I'm planing for my little cousin.  We went to Dublin last year to the Build-a-Bear shop and she made a beautiful bunny rabbit and picked out sparkly clothes for her and I think these colours would be perfect.  The fabric range is Posy by Aneela Hoey and it's just so soft and pretty.  I used 6 Jelly Roll strips with sashing to make the 2 blocks so have plenty of fabric for more!

To see a rainbow of colours and lots of lovely blocks the flickr group is here.  There is even one with the whole block in a solid colour.  PlayCrafts flickr group showing more Chevron loveliness is here. 

I'm going to have to take a break from Chevrons, Wilbur is getting impatient for some attention. Charly is in his bed and won't let him in! Got to love Jack Russell's.  They really think they are 4 times bigger than they really are!


  1. Poor Wilbur!! Look at how sad he is that he can't get in bed! :O Gosh I love his face so much. <3 Not that Charly isn't a handsome fella too!

    I love your block, and using jelly rolls is such a brilliant idea. (Seriously, it's like I've never quilted before sometimes...really.)

    Awesome awesome!

  2. Eek! they look hard - but Ms Molli assures me they're not?


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